Our Story

After working for insurance-based physical therapy clinics for years, I found myself spending more time filling out paperwork and on the phone with the insurance company justifying the need for care on behalf of my patients. I soon realized that the time I spent on the phone with the insurance company was time taken away from the patients. The idea of someone, who is not involved in the direct care of patients and may be miles away, dictating the kind of care the patient should receive frustrated me.

Moreover, patients would take upward of half a day off to come to physical therapy and often wished that we were closer to their home or office. There had to be a way to bring the clinic to them so they can continue to do what they love.  

Juggling 4 to 6 patients in the gym at once was not only overwhelming at times but I was not able to deliver the quality of care I envisioned coming out of school.

Over the years, patients that have graduated from physical therapy experienced relapses and came back for the same problem. We call them “repeated offenders”. It frustrated me that these relapses occurred and we were not able to  keep them resilient and robust.

Those frustrations led me to a solution.

In 2018, Empowerment Physical Therapy was found on the following foundations:

  • To build a practice where the patient comes first, not the insurance company. Where the patients are in charge of the kind of care they want so they can resume living the life they love and deserve.
  • Where the therapist treats ONE patient at a time for at least 60 minutes, at the comfort of your home/office.
  • Where graduates of physical therapy are given an aftercare plan to remain robust and avoid relapse.
  • Last but not the least, where a practice can empower patients with the tools & knowledge to live an active, healthy, and happy life.