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Juju Beans
I recommend Shi Feng because he is an amazing physical therapist well worth the time and money.
For context, I threw out my lower back on April 25th, in the middle of returning a tennis serve. Spasms hit my lower back as I finished my return shot causing me to lose my ability to do anything normal (e.g. walk, stand, sit, get up on my own, put on my socks).
I was in desperate need to be normal again. I found Shi Feng and he really came to my rescue Sunday, April 28th. On Sunday, April 28th, I was able to get up from dining room chairs but could not get up from my couch. I could walk extremely slowly but with a limp. Any quick movements caused spasms and all of the activities listed above caused some sort of pain.
When Shi Feng visited, he was very patient. He asked about any historical conditions, asked about my day to day activities, and took the time to really learn about me and my body condition. Shi Feng seems to have a combination of eastern and western techniques to help relieve muscle pain. He provided a cupping experience on my back, which relieved any pain and strain for at least 2 hours so that he could show me the physical therapy exercises I could do to strengthen my core. Shi Feng also used a myofascial tool to feel out the pain points that needed work and provided exercises that targeted the stressed areas. Shi Feng explained the causes of lower back pain and provided me with a track to get back to normal state. Shi Feng is very knowledgeable.
I find that when the job is done, most people go away until called again for another session. To my pleasant surprise, Shi Feng is the exact opposite. He looked for ways to get free equipment that can further assist me in my recovery. Shi Feng followed up on my progress and kept me accountable for the exercises I promised I’d do. All of this came with no extra charge. This shows that he simply cares about the people he works with and is very into his career.
Today is May 28, a little over a month after my incident, and I’ve regained most of my mobility. I once again feel normal and can play some recreational tennis. I really thank Shi Feng for all of his assistance throughout the month. It was a unique experience and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without his help.
Shaban Khan
I've been doing physical therapy for a few weeks with Shi Feng. After months of severe lower back pain, I'm finally able to walk and lift things without hurting myself. Shi Feng has taught me many ways to get rid of my pain and has been very professional and pleasant during appointments.
Donna Stone
I started PT with the facilities main PT who a was a very nice man- BUT THEN my work schedule changed and so did my Luck ! ! ! The PT with the most accommodating service hours was Shi Feng Lin- Well let me tell you- this was a blessing….. besides his amazing personality, Shi Feng has a vast array of overall medical knowledge and he provides a Sharing of the same- He is a true Hands On patient educator.
As a Nurse, I appreciate another professional who excels in their field. The only relief I get from several spinal / neck injuries is after leaving a treatment with Shi. I actually just had the cupping technique done last night. I never knew this even existed. Shi Feng’s level of knowledge in medicine and overall wellness certainly transcends his chronicle years. I recommend him above any PT I have ever met, and as a nurse with over 10 yrs of elder care- I have met quite a few PTs.
Wendy Conway
Shi Feng has treated me a number of times over the last few years. I was suffering from really bad chronic neck pain. At first I resisted physical therapy and went straight for a series of shots which did not work. After working with Shi Feng for several months, and with following his exercise regime at home, my pain went away. It is now two years later and I have no pain in my neck, and I occasionally do the exercises Shi Feng recommended. I am very grateful to Shi Feng for helping me get better. He’s the best!
When I started physical therapy I wasn’t too sure anyone could help me. I used to walk every day two to three miles and now I couldn’t walk nor stand for too long due to the severe knee pain. Shi Feng Lin gave me my life back.
After two months I have no pain and I’m back to my walking and feeling great. He is dedicated and loves what he does. To me he was my healer and I will always cherish his teachings.
Melinda Moray
If you are looking for a physical therapist that actually cares about you and your well-being and not about what some of the other offices care about (like money and insurance) then you will be in the right hands with Shi Feng! He is very professional , he follows up immediately, and is so friendly. He is talkative during sessions which makes it a pleasant hour spent rather than A dreadful and boring one! 🙂 The best I’ve ever worked with! Highly recommend!
Eileen Egan
Shi Feng was an incredible physical therapist! I’m an athlete and I’ve had some bad/reoccurring injuries playing sports. In the past, I’ve had physical therapists who didn’t really push me the way I could be to get back on a field or court. However, Shi Feng really catered to my needs and pushed me to get back to a place where I could do what I love again. I cannot give a higher recommendation!
John Tierney
When I ruptured my Achillles tennis playing tennis, I was referred by a health-savvy friend to Shi Feng Lin. He expertly and patiently guided me through the rehab program, both in the sessions with him and in the home workouts he showed me how to do. He got me back on the tennis court in better shape than I was before. I was so satisfied that I went back to him several times to deal with other minor injuries, and each time he got me through them beautifully. Can't recommend him highly enough. Injuries are never fun, but I enjoyed my time with him.
Was the only physical therapist who didn’t give up on my mom after a hospitalization that left her severely atrophied and weak to the point where she could not stand on her own two feet. When all therapists said she was a hopeless case he stepped in and went above and beyond to help her . She is now walking on her own!
Beth Harper
I highly recommend working with Shi Feng. His expertise and knowledge as a physical therapist is excellent. He works with you and considers the whole body and over wellness not just the specific injury. PT is hard work but Shi Feng made it fun. He engages in conversation and always has a smile on his face.

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