Yes, We Are Open!

You now have the option to either receive your care in the clinic or online.

At Empowerment Physical Therapy, your health and well-being is our top priority.

We are monitoring recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and we are open to provide the care necessary for our patients to begin their journey to recovery.

We would like to share some details on the standard daily practices which we have always had at our clinics in addition to extra steps we are taking in light of the virus.

Standard practices that our patients have always experienced at Empowerment Physical Therapy include:

Additional steps we are taking now include:

We know that the COVID-19 virus can be alarming and a bit scary. At Empowerment Physical Therapy, we see this as a partnership journey with you as we make it a priority to take care of each other.

The steps that we have put in place are due both to our love for our patients but also for our great staff who are here for our patients.

We can all play a role in this joint battle with the virus and we will all make it through to the otherside!

We respectfully request that our patients:

Here are some tips that we can all follow in our daily lives:

At Empowerment Physical Therapy, the health & wellbeing of our patients is the cornerstone of why we exist. We look forward to continuing to be a partner in your fitness journey and taking steps to create a healthy and sanitary environment.

If you are currently struggling with pain and want customized help then go ahead and click the button below to arrange a time to talk to one of our specialists first to help you decide if it makes sense to proceed.


Dr. Shi-Feng Lin, Physical Therapy

Made in China and have lived in New York City since 9 years-old, Dr. Shi-Feng  graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelors in Health & Exercise Science in 2010. He went on to pursue his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and graduated from Sage Graduate School in 2013. He has worked in an orthopedic outpatient private practice since graduation and has developed an eclectic approach in his treatment philosophy from his extensive pursue in continuing education.

When he’s not treating, Shi Feng likes to stay active and plays in a friday league basketball, exploring rivers/lakes with his inflatable kayak.  

  • Qualifications: Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Born: China
  • Now Lives: New York City
  • Certifications:
    Applied Prevention & Health Promotion Therapist
    Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
    Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
    Certified Titleist Performance Institute
  • Hobbies: kayaking, biking, hiking, camping
  • Team:  San Antonio Spurs and New York Giants
  • Show: Whose Line Is It?
  • Food: Korean and Japanese

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