Why Us

At Empowerment Physical Therapy, we are obsessed with putting you first, not the insurance company.


We Bring The Clinic To You

  • Long gone are the days of waiting rooms, commuting to the clinic, and leaving your office for a physical therapy appointment. Let us come to you instead. 
  • Pick a time that works for you
  • Take the commute out of rehab so you can focus on the important things

Private Treatment: 1 On 1 For At Least 60 Minutes

  • Experience a private, customized treatment plan that gets to the root of your problem
  • Expect to be evaluated and treated using a holistic approach that addresses your unique challenges 
  • Reap the benefits of highly specialized hands-on therapy and that means getting you back to doing what you love in fewer visits and a faster recovery compared to insurance-based clinics 

Get Direct Access To A Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Skip the front desk and get access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy in your pocket
  • Stay connected with your therapist throughout the rehab process
  • Address your problem/concerns at the time when you needed the most to avoid any delays in your recovery


Our goal is not only to help you get back to doing what you love but also to make you more resilient against future occurrences.

If getting better and quicker in fewer visits is your priority so you can go back to living the life you love and deserve,  reach out to us. 

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