1 thought on “The ONE thing most people don’t do (and that they must) after rehab!

  1. I started PT with the facilities main PT who a was a very nice man- BUT THEN my work schedule changed and so did my Luck ! ! ! The PT with the most accommodating service hours was Shi Feng Lin- Well let me tell you- this was a blessing….. besides his amazing personality, Shi Feng has a vast array of overall medical knowledge and he provides a Sharing of the same- He is a true Hands On patient educator.
    As a Nurse, I appreciate another professional who excels in their field.
    The only relief I get from several spinal / neck injuries is after leaving a treatment with Shi. I actually just had the cupping technique done last night. I never knew this even existed. Shi Feng’s level of knowledge in medicine and overall wellness certainly transcends his chronical years. I recommend him above any PT I have ever met, and as a nurse with over 10 yrs of elder care- I have met quite a few PTs.
    Thanks Shi- Donna.

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